Hi friends! We’ve been having a great time on our trip so far. We had some technical difficulties and are sorry it has taken so long to update, but here we are now! 

Paris was a nice way to ease into our experience abroad. Our apartment was next to the Musée d’Archéologie Nationale and from our window we could see through the museum and into the Jardin des Plantes. 

Situated close to Notre Dame, we spent many happy hours walking along the Seine and admiring its beauty. (Especially the smells! just kidding everywhere smells like pee.)  

We went to the Musée d’Orsay and Musée d l’Orangerie. We did not have the time to go to the Louvre, but we walked around it and got some yummy gelato in the nearby park. 

The Opera was also on our must see list. We had the opportunity to buy tickets for its opera-ballet performance of Orpheus and Eurydice we were super excited. We ate on the Champs Élysées for lunch before the show and visited the Arc de Triomphe, and felt quite grown up. The highlight of the performance that night was the architecture of the building. Ha. 

We are so happy that we visited Versailles! We arrived in the morning and only had to wait about forty-five minutes (when reviews told us to expect up to four hours) in the security line. We were armed with a ham and butter baguette so it was okay. The main building was great and ornate, but by the time we had finished the designated, claustrophobic walk through, it had begun to pour. We braved the elements, and walked through the gardens to Marie Antoinette’s estate. While we did enjoy looking at the castle, her estate was what we loved the most. It was super pretty and way less crowded and even in the rain it was enjoyable. 

On our last day in Paris, we saw Sacré-Cœur and, despite the rain, it was truly beautiful. We think Notre Dame has it beat, but it was still lovely inside and out. Finally, we saw the Eiffel Tower and bought some sugar cookies and lemon drops from a cute bakery (thanks for the tip Nina!). 

Our hearts were won, and we had little desire to leave Austerlitz and brave a new land. We thought no city could beat Paris, but luckily for us Istanbul was up to the challenge. 

Until next time–which we promise will be sooner!